Q: Why did jane invent the baginizer

A: After researching the market and finding cheap organizers that fell apart after a few months, I decided to create high end, light, durable and long lasting Baginizer’s that will keep the shape of your Birkin or Kelly, protect the bottom and the sides from press and pen marks. Finally a place for my phone, keys, mints, my 11 year olds gadgets, and all the necessities that just float in my bag. Love clemence leather — but after a few years it needs a pick me up… The Baginizer is the “picker upper” that will fill in the shape of the bag. My croc bag has a toile lining and looks tired when not stuffed - Perfect solution The Baginizer fills it in and protects the toile lining.

Q: what are some of the benefits of using a baginizer in my luxury bags

A: Protects the bottom and inner lining of your Hermes bags from dirt and possible spills, thereby maintaining their highest possible resale value, should you choose to rotate your collection. Maintains the integrity of your Hermes bags and prevents "sagging" we've all experienced. It's no exxageration that 

Q: Is the baginizer heavy?

A: No! The Baginizer is made from very durable, high quality, and light materials that will not add weight to your bags. 

Q: will the baginizer fit bags other than hermes birkin and kelly bags?

A: Absolutely! If you do not know the measurements of your particular bags please use our contact sheet to send us your exact bag and we will do our best to suggest the correct size Baginizer. 

Q: What size will fit my bag?

Baginizer - xSmall
Fits the following bags:

  • 25cm Birkin

  • 28cm Kelly

  • Any similarly sized bag please measure

W 240mm x D 120mm x H 110mm
W 9.5" x D 4.75" x H 4.3"

Baginizer - Small
Fits The Following Bags:

  • 30cm Birkin

  • 35cm Kelly

  • 28cm HAC

  • 32cm HAC

  • Any similarly sized bag please measure

W 270mm x D 135mm x H 151mm
W 10.5" x D 5.3" x H 6"


Baginizer - Medium
Fits The Following Bags:

  • 35cm Birkin

  • 40cm Kelly

  • Any similarly sized bag please measure

W 305mm x D 152mm x H 171mm
W 12" x D 6" x H 6.7"


Baginizer - Large
Fits the following bags:

  • 40cm Birkin

  • 42cm Shoulder JPG Birkin

  • 40cm HAC Birkin

  • 50cm Birkin

  • LV Neverfull

  • Celine Bag Square Phantom Luggage Large

  • Any similarly sized bag please measure

W 381mm x D 191mm x H 171mm
W 15" x D 7.5" x H 6.7"


Baginizer - Kelly "Low Profile"

Fits the following bags:

  • 32cm Kelly

  • 35cm Kelly

  • 31cm Jypsiere (Hermes)

  • 32cm Plume (Hermes)

  • Any similarly sized bag please measure

W 305mm x D 125mm x H 120mm
W 12" x D 4.95" x H 4.7"